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The evaluation process is the most important element to ensure the quality of higher education and enhance its performance through its integration within the licensure and re-licensure processes of the higher education institutions and the accreditation and re-accreditation of their educational programs.

AQAC is always seeking professional academics with high qualification, skills and experience to volunteer their time and knowledge and serve as evaluators.  AQAC’s evaluators contribute effectively to the performance of higher education institutions and ensure that the educational programs in Palestine are consistent with best practice and international standards in terms of their structure, content and intended learning outcomes.

AQAC is keen on expanding participation in the evaluation process by reaching for professional academics from local, regional and international universities to take advantage of the diverse quality assurance systems in enhancing the performance of the higher education institutions and their educational programs in developing and strengthening higher education in Palestine and achieve the applicable international standards.

The evaluators are assigned to conduct on-site visits and or review certain documents submitted by higher education institution in an anticipation to obtain licensure, re-licensure, program accreditation, re-accreditation, audit, substantive changes to the licensure and or accreditation conditions requested by the institution and any other special follow-up visits as deemed necessary to enhance and develop the overall performance of the higher education institutions.

AQAC aims to carry licensure and accreditation processes in which standards, policies and procedures are interpreted and applied consistently and actions are fair, impartial, and appropriate.  Therefore, AQAC’s has adopted standards for licensure and accreditation criteria and has documented policies and procedures in conjunction with guidelines and regulations regarding the selection of evaluators, their assignments, and following up with their submitted reports which reflect its guiding principles of integrity, professionalism, transparency, accountability and conflict of interest.

The evaluators are responsible for the following:

-        Behave in a professional, impartial and ethical manner during studying and evaluating the files, and shall declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest may affect the evaluation process and influence the decision.

-        Treat information, communications and reports  provided by the institution for review purposes and all correspondence and reports exchanged between AQAC and HEIs with confidentiality.

-        Be familiar with AQAC’s adopted standards, policies and procedures related to the evaluators’ roles in the evaluation process.

-        Direct all communications with HEIs through AQAC and not communicating directly with HEI in question under any circumstances.

-        Read all the documents and reports, and examine the evidence as submitted by the institution in detail.

-        Coordinate for the on-site visits with AQAC and conduct the visits for host institutions’ and communicate with their employees in a professional manner after.

-        Root feedback in AQAC’s standards, comply with its policies and procedures, preserve the anonymity of its evaluators’, and complete assignments fully and promptly.