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Academic Standards

Licensure and Accreditation Standards (The Standards) set out the expectations that HEIs in Palestine shall meet as priori to function in full capacity as a higher education institution to assure the quality of learning they provide. They ensure that the national system of institutional licensure and program accreditation is robust with embedded characteristics of excellence, and meets the international standards for licensure and accreditation processes.

The Standards shall be read in conjunction with the policies and procedures associated with licensure and accreditation, the application processes and their requirements as outlined in this manual.

The standards are periodically reviewed and amended and/or updated as deemed necessary to ensure their relevance to higher education in Palestine and their compliance with international standards and best practices. All amendments and updates are approved by AQAC’s board prior to their declaration.

The Standards specify the threshold requirements that an institution must meet for institutional licensure, re-licensure, educational program accreditation and re-accreditation and provide examples of stipulations for their fulfillment. Although the standards incorporate eleven individual standards,

These standards should be viewed as an interrelated whole. The order is not intended to suggest relative importance or priority.   They target both the institution and its educational programs as listed below:

  • Standard 1:             Mission, organization, and governance
  • Standard 2:             Planning and effectiveness
  • Standard 3:             Fiscal resources
  • Standard 4:             Transparency and integrity
  • Standard 5:             Faculty and staff
  • Standard 6:             Quality assurance
  • Standard 7:             Student affairs and support services
  • Standard 8:             Learning Resources and Facilities
  • Standard 9:             Educational Programs
  • Standard 10:           Scientific Research and Related Activities
  • Standard 11:           Community Engagement